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56 & Fabulous

I have not been blogging much (which I constantly say when I post), however, this post came easily as I’ve lived a lot of life. I turn 56 today and as hard as that number is to say, it’s easier knowing that I’ve tried to do my best throughout.

Before I got sober the two things that made me the happiest were booze and blow. That’s it. When I got sober and found out the way to happiness was to eliminate those two things out of my life. I felt a new freedom in my life where I was so grateful that I never said No when I had to get that god-damn court card signed. (Thanks 2nd DUI)

Here’s to saying YES to all of it!

Note* Some of these are mine, but some aren’t. There isn’t much left that is original.

1. What other people think of you is none of your business.
2. You are the maker of your own happiness and destiny.
3. Great love involves great risk and commitment.
4. Stop judging others.
5. Know that the answer is always Love.
6. Forgive easily; not for them, for you.
7. Surround yourself with three friends that you can tell anything to and know they keep that shit in the vault.
8. Be the life that you love to come home to every day.
9. Dogs are humans too.
10. That God is everywhere if you seek him.
11. Pray. As hard and as much as you can.
12. It doesn’t matter when you board the flight, we’re all going to the same place at the same time.
13. It’s easier to check your luggage.
14. Love your family as hard as you can; blood is thicker than water.
15. The people that show up for you; those are your people.
16. Children are our best teachers.
17. If somebody hurts you, give them a second chance. If they hurt you twice give them a third chance. And if they hurt you again move on, and don’t repeat the same pattern.
18. Relationships are the best way to work on your childhood wounds.
19. A $300 handbag works just as well as a $85 handbag.
20. Keep old pictures.
21. Memories are the greatest placeholder of our lives.
22. Read as much as you can.
23. Eat healthy and exercise; even if it’s just to the mailbox.
24. Get out and explore where you live; be your own tour guide.
25. Service is the best way to get out of yourself.
26. Let that person go in front of you at the stop sign.
27. Helping others makes your life whole.
28. Ask questions; as many as you need to.
29. Show up for work on time and do the best possible job you can that day.
30. Be nice to everyone; you never know what somebody else is going through.
31. Make your bed every day.
32. Purge your closet once a year.
33. Hold hands.
34. Tell them you love them.
35. Say you are sorry. Even if it’s not your fault.
36. Always tip at least 20%.
37. Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
38. Ask for help.
39. Use the good China.
40. Friends are family you get to choose.
41. Be nice to our elderly, they deserve our respect.
a. Ask them for advice, they were your age once too.
42. A drink isn’t going to make any situation better. No matter what.
43. Get to know your neighbors.
44. Your 20’s and 30’s teach you the lessons you need to learn for 40 and beyond.
45. Age is but a number.
46. Go to Therapy; at least once in your life)
47. Hold others accountable.
48. Don’t be late.
49. Hold the door for others and put your grocery cart back.
50. Nothing is permanent.
51. Never blame your parents for your life.
52. Be grateful for everything. All the time.
53. Never underestimate the power of prayer.
54. That I can change my mind whenever I want.
55. That writing a memoir is cathartic and scary as fuck.
56. Getting sober was the best gift I could ever give myself.