The Year of Trusting

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December 24, 2016
Day One of my news and nonsense
January 13, 2017

The Year of Trusting


So this year is my year of Trusting! I decided to do a 40 day Mantra project by Holly Glenn Whitaker and Tammi Salas – and so far I’m totally loving this! Its so ironic as I’ve been hearing a lot lately how to set an Intention for the year by using a word and focusing on that word. The last few days the word that sticks out to me is TRUSTING! Trusting God, Trusting my Gut, Trusting my Partner/Spouse, Trusting my path, and just TRUSTING it all and being ok with the outcome! And the first day of The Manta project – the mantra was, “I trust the evolution of my life” – and it that didn’t strike a chord with me – well, yes so  it makes sense to me today.  And I know that the Universe is out there working in my life ! This is exactly where I need to be right now! “TRUSTING”

As I think of my life and the “what if’s” that I normally stress about and get anxiety over, I often realize that the trusting Universe always has my back.  As long as I let go, do the action and release the outcome – this has been my experience and sometimes I don’t even see it.  So I need others to tell me to chill the F out and just let it be.  So for today, and this year, that is what I will be striving for and I know that I won’t be able to follow this every day, but at least I’m trying and doing – a lot better than how I used to be a year or three or even 12 years ago.

Set an intention for you Year – and focus on that word in your daily meditation or afternoon walk or while your are doing the dishes – whatever it is.  Trusting for me will show me a different path, if I let it.  So today, I listen to the peace in the words and I listen to the voice of others and just sit in it. Sit.  and Wait.  and Trust.

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