Legalization of Mary Jane in D.C.

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May 6, 2016
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May 18, 2016

Legalization of Mary Jane in D.C.

When I heard this last year I was really surprised, I mean Colorado and Oregon, yes I get that. But in our nation’s capital? Really? I’m actually not a big fan of legalizing MJ for recreational use, all for it for medicinal purposes for anyone anywhere.  But when I heard that our congress, senators, and even our own President could smoke freely and openly I was aghast!  I have to say one of the most shocking things to me is the fact that this legalization has received barely any press whatsoever.  No one is talking about D.C., they are still talking about Oregon and Colorado. But then I did some research and found that Washington DC’s law is a bit different than Oregon and Colorado in that it “allows people to possess and privately consume the drug but provides them no way to legally buy it for recreational use.”  So this changes the game a little bit and from other sources I’ve read up on regarding this, its creating more criminal activity and covert marijuana dealings.

Which really makes the law even more befuddled, since the other states are allowed to have dispensaries, which in turn of course generate a lot of money for that State.  Lord knows the D.C. district needs some funding, so why wouldn’t they just legalize the public store front sale of it as well?

I’ll be curious to see how this election plays out over the next few months, and how our new World Leader embraces this law or doesn’t – who knows.  All I can imagine is that given the political party as it is right now, adding a bong and some pot to the equation can’t make anything much better….but who knows?


  1. abbie says:

    I hadn’t heard about that! Funny, though, my thought was that it couldn’t make anything worse on capital hill! (Laughing to keep from crying)
    I know that I can’t smoke ONE, so it doesn’t really come onto my radar. Maybe it should?

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