Wacky Weather and what not.

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March 26, 2010
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May 5, 2010

Wacky Weather and what not.

OK, so for those of you out here with me on the East Coast, you are scratching your heads saying to yourself? WTF about this weather? Didn’t I just put away my sweaters, jackets, socks, earmuffs and snow booties a couple weeks ago because we were in a heat wave of close to 90 temperatures? Only now to find yourself looking for your long johns and space heaters as tonight’s evening temperature will dip into the low 40’s? Yeah, WTF seems to be the only appropriate thing to say right now.

Alas, just goes to show us how much control we don’t have over the weather! That gosh darn mother nature keeps playing the shell game with us and we just never know what we’ll end up with. At least when I was living in San Diego, I only had one wardrobe to worry about, there was no winter/summer clothes exchange, no winter/summer bedding to worry about and clearly, no winter at all to speak of in sunny Diego!

As I write this though I am grateful for all of the picturesque greenery that is surrounding me in beautiful Chester County. The daffodils and tulips are in bloom, the magnolia and cherry blossom trees have opened up their fragrant petals (and dirtying my car quite nicely) and the smell of fresh cut grass is abundant. The aroma is quite ripe and I couldn’t be any happier…until I have to go out and get – yet again – more allergy medicine! Oy! The stock has clearly risen on the makers of Claritin and Benadryl (J&J and Schering-Plough for those of you not entrenched it the OTC consumer pharma industry, such as myself) But I’m not complaining…I’m happy to report that all areas of my life are going quite nicely and complaining about anything right now seems so trivial….job is great, family is good, boyfriend hasn’t jumped ship and cried SOS, and Lucy is loving life – chasing squirrels has never looked so good!!

That being said, its 4 pm and Oprah is calling! Oh, the joy of working from home!

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