Putting the sun shade up and what that has to do with Sobriety

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May 24, 2018
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Putting the sun shade up and what that has to do with Sobriety

I recently met a friend for lunch and after we were done and walking over to our cars, my friend laughed and said to me “You are so funny with that visor thing”.   I looked at her and commented, “What? I need this thingy! – my car seat gets really hot!” We both got a chuckle and waved goodbye.

Driving away I thought to myself, What’s the big deal that I use a sun shield? Is it that dreadful and uncool?  Or is just that she thought it was funny? She didn’t have one, is it dorky to use them? I don’t know and at this point in my life, I am not losing sleep over it.  It’s all about comfort today.  Comfy shoes; rarely wearing high heels, unless a special occasion comes along – which is maybe twice a year. Comfy jeans; no more tight fitting, lie on the bed fiddling with the zipper, having my muffin top smooshing over the skinny jeans.  Comfy hairstyle and makeup; wash, shake, and scrunch, with minimal if any blow dry, or even easier, getting a blow out at the local Blow Dry bar. Minimal makeup; BB cream and mascara work well; rarely putting eyeliner or even shadow on.  Too much to wash off at the end of the day.

I’ve noticed over the past couple of years that I’m not really living out loud with the glamour and glitz that I used to find appealing and comfort in.  I’m not saying my life consisted of any real glamour or glitz to begin with, but I did like to dress up when I was leaving the house and trying to stay fashionable with the latest trends. However, it got exhausting, let alone expensive.  I’d rather spend $45 on flat comfy shoes, than getting the latest uncomfortable toe peep wedge heel.

I’m happier staying in at night than going out.  I prefer hiking with my husband and dog on a Sunday vs being at a beach party.  I’d rather hang out with an intimate group of friends than attending a big Birthday party.  I realized I’m an Introvert.   I did this and got 7 out of 8.  I’m totally down with that today.

Years ago I had to be on the go All.The.Time I had to be in the know of what was hip and happening! Who were the cool people? How could I emulate them? What was THE place to see and be seen?  Today, I’m quite the opposite.  The less interaction I have with most people the better.  I have a t-shirt that says, “Sorry I’m late, but I didn’t want to come.”

This has all been a result of having over a decade of being sober.  Living a sober, relaxed, well earned, authentic and genuine life.  Sobriety brought me everything the fast track fun lifestyle did, and more.  I was just a gal with a second DUI, who walked into an AA meeting and said, “I may as well give this a shot, I’ve got no other choices right now.”  And being that naïve ignorant thinking person, I’ve become what I’m happy to be today.  Free from alcohol and drugs, toxic people, seedy bars and drug dens and free from my imprisoned life I was leading.  I didn’t know there was another way to live, until I did.

Today, I’m okay being safe, easy-going, comfortable and happy in my skin with my old crepey skin and all the other real-life happenings of 51 year old’s.  Being sober and following some simple suggestions have proved to be my anti-aging miracle.  So, if I have the sunshade up in my car and I step out wearing boyfriend jeans, and my flat Sketcher walking shoe, so be it.  It’s all about having the awareness and knowledge that I’m ok; safe, comfortable and sober!

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