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January 11, 2018
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I was chatting with a friend recently about how blessed we are to be living a sober life and how we get to show up and be accountable to others and to ourself.  We are present and we aren’t running away from ourselves like we used to be.  My friends at Lighthouse Recovery in Florida, wrote a piece for me a couple years back about sober living and I wanted to share it again. 


Many people can’t imagine a life without booze, drugs, and all the other substances and things that people end up in rehab for. Even if a person may not think they need to go to rehab, substances like alcohol may be a part of their daily routine. One of the biggest complaints from people in rehab is not understanding how they can continue to have fun and have a life once substances are out of the picture. It takes some time, but living a sober life is actually much more fulfilling than living a life filled with alcohol and drugs.


Lack of control over the amount of a substance you take is a huge red flag in addiction. Once you get your hands on your drug of choice or your drink, the substance is now in control, and is going to determine your actions for the duration of your use. We’ve all been there – promising ourselves that just this one time we would control our use, but we can never really seem to handle it, can we? This is because the substance is in control.


Sobriety Requires New Habits

When you are sober you are able to do the same things you always did under the influence,  only now you will have an idea of the outcome of your evening. Welcome back to the driver’s seat on the ride that is your life. You are now in control, your sober life allows you that luxury. It definitely takes a while to break out of addiction, but with the right program, living in the moment, and hard work you will miss drinking or using drugs less and less each day.


After living a life influenced by addiction, sobriety is a luxury. You are given the gift of more money, more stability, fewer issues with the law, accountability to your friends, family, and work, pride, less shame, dignity, love, hope, and joy. A life with drugs and alcohol is usually a life of fear, and a sober life eliminates that. A sober life allows you the chance to have a bright future.


Long-term sobriety is a challenge, but there are a number of things you can do to achieve it. Also, it is something you need to work on each and every day. It is always important to get into a program that is right for you and allows you time to learn to start all over again, focus on yourself, and recognize the patterns and problems that are causing you to keep drinking or using. Depending on your specific needs, this could range from rehab to therapy although rehab is strongly suggested because it takes you completely out of your element and many people find that taking this time to focus on yourself is a huge and necessary step to getting on the right path. At a full rehab center, you will be away from people who might lure you into engaging your addiction, and the separation can put a lot of things in perspective.


All we have is today, especially in sobriety, so staying sober in the moment is all that counts. This idea stems from the fact that many people feel overwhelmed at the idea of never having a drug or a drink again for their whole lives. That thought can be a lot to digest, so instead it is better to focus on each moment, and be happy for the present and each moment you have sober. Keep putting one sober foot in front of the other, and slowly but surely days, weeks, months, and eventually years will keep piling up.  Lighthouse Recovery Institute, located in Delray Beach, Florida, is a licensed drug and alcohol treatment center, specializing in gender-specific recovery. It is a gender-specific addiction treatment center that treats both men and women, separately. Lighthouse earned their stellar reputation by providing quality and compassionate care. We provide addiction recovery for our clients through individualized treatment plans created specifically for each person that comes through our door.

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