Accountability and Goals and 2018 and what all that means!

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December 31, 2017
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January 11, 2018

Accountability and Goals and 2018 and what all that means!

Happy 2018 and all that good stuff.  I’m super stoked this year for my goals and what I’m looking to achieve.  I have my word – Healing – and now I have some concrete goals that I put pen to paper on.  I recently joined an Accountability group – which is all about reaching our best selves and how we are going to do that this year.  It’s a group within my sober blogger community and it’s pretty darn cool.  I have barely started yet on my year of truly being “Accountable”, but I’m checking in and doing what I need to do each day for now, so it’s working! (Come find me in late February and let’s see where we are!)


The first thing you have to do when you join is share a bit about yourself and what your goals are – so here goes, this is some of what I shared and what I’m looking to work on in 2018!


I’m 50, sober for over 13 years, work from home, east coast gal living in Carlsbad, married to a pot head (who keeps trying to get clean) and I’ve got issues w/my alcoholic family. I’m here because the facilitators of this group offer so much in recovery and daily living, and especially in meeting and succeeding our goals. I need structure and I operate better on deadlines, so this should be a good fit for me. This past year was quite challenging for me as I really tried to trust God, and feel I wasn’t overly successful in doing that 100%. I’m a control freak, who thinks she knows what is best for most (specifically my husband). He relapsed numerous times, went to treatment twice, and he’s in and out of recovery.  All I know is I do love him, but I can’t compromise myself when he’s in his addiction. He is sick and I feel myself getting sicker sometimes when we are in the thick of his disease. Al Anon helps, but I don’t like it!


In 2018, I’m starting to do EMDR with a new therapist, I’m doing breath work sessions each week, I joined my local Equinox and I just started doing a very thorough 4th step w/my sponsor. I am really trying to work on my core issues from childhood to current day and work on my ISMs. I need more focus on getting connected each day to my Higher Power and having my quiet time for meditation and to get centered. I work in a super stressful career and start early in the am and end about 4 pm every day. I’m also a sober blogger who wrote a memoir a couple years back and I don’t have as much time to expend on the sober community as I used to. I feel like I’m missing out and slacking off because I’m not able to find time to write as much – between my career job, meetings, working out, wife/friend, therapy, etc. – I need direction to keep me on point and being accountable will definitely help!


My goals this year: To heal, To trust, To have more time, To not live in Fear!


To heal through therapy, step work and breath work to focus on my core issues and be at peace with myself


To trust the universe and God that I’m being taken care; to not try to be such a control freak.


To have more time to connect with others and focus on writing a blog post each week; and to have a message to share with others.

To not be in FEAR, of almost everything! To be ok with life and that whatever happens happens!


So there you have it – Happy 2018 you rock stars, because we are in charge of our own destiny and what happens in our life!  We just have to be willing to do the work and look at the really hard stuff, which can be super icky.


What are your goals and wants this year? Email me, I’d love to hear!

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