Why Have a Sober Lifestyle?

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September 5, 2017
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Today’s post is a guest post from my friends at addictions.com; this post spoke to me as having a sober lifestyle can be challenging from time to time, but the benefits surely outweigh our lives as problem drinkers. 


In America, television and media viewers are bombarded with alcohol every day. From alcohol advertisements to popular movie and television stars, everyone seems to have a drink in their hand. Even in dating and relationships, the phrase “let’s go have a drink” or “can I buy you a drink,” are popular pick up lines to get to know someone. It seems that everyone is doing it so why not you too.

Unfortunately, many people cannot simply have a glass of wine or a cocktail without have two. Then two turns into three or four. This is the beginning of a serious problem. When you cannot have one drink and be done or you start to use alcohol to escape, this is called alcohol addiction or abuse. It affects millions of Americans and can be devastating. There are many reasons to choose a sober lifestyle even if you do not have a problem with alcohol.

Alcohol Impairs Your Judgment

Almost everyone today knows that your judgment is impaired when you have too much to drink. For some this means one drink, for others this means a bunch of drinks. Regardless of how much you have had, that fuzzy feeling when you drink indicates that your judgment might be impaired. With impaired judgment comes poor decision making. Everyone has that friend in college who had too much and slept with the wrong girl or guy, it may have been you. Some people even get behind the wheel of a car or worse when they’ve been drinking.

Living sober can prevent these poor decisions from ever happening. If you are sober, you might not make the decision to go home with someone you shouldn’t or get behind the wheel of that car. Taking alcohol out of the equation makes you safer and gives you the chance not to make what could be a life altering decision while impaired.

Long Term Alcohol use is very Dangerous

Society and medicine has known about the long term dangers of alcohol use for a long time. Things like liver damage, heart disease, blood pressure problems, and psychological problems are all parts of the long term damage that alcohol can do. What they do not mention is that these problems can lead to others such as alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

If you experience alcohol withdrawal syndrome, you literally cannot just quit drinking. Stopping heavy alcohol use suddenly can kill you, if you are not in a medically monitored detoxification program. The longer you drink the more likely you will suffer from alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

If you are living sober you do not have to worry about a lot of the long term effects of alcohol. Once you stop using alcohol all together, your body gradually heals itself. Depending on the amount of alcohol and length of time you have used it for, you may have to take medications to help with the healing process but most of the damage can be reversed.

These are the two biggest reasons to choose a sober lifestyle. If you are considering it, there are detoxification centers, rehab programs, and entire sober communities to choose from. There are many groups that believe in sober living and have outings and trips that do not revolve around alcohol. There are housing developments and apartment complexes that encourage and embrace the sober lifestyle. Just remember that everything that you enjoyed while drinking can also be enjoyable while living sober.


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