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July 6, 2016
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July 21, 2016

Helping Jeannie

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine from High School, Marvin, reached out to me.  He wanted to talk.  He needed help.  I swiftly replied back and we spoke the next day.  He shared with me some of his struggles in sobriety and that he was in a pretty good place today.  He then shared with me how his close friend of many years, Jeannie, was suffering with a heroin addiction.  Typical story, she got in an accident was prescribed painkillers and she was off and running soon after.  When I hear stories like this I just cringe.  The statistics aren’t good, the addiction ravages every part of you and the process of turning your life around is a journey like no other.  However, the hope is huge and boundless.  I’ve heard and seen so many inspiring stories of heroin addicts that DO make it and that DO create a better life for themselves.  The change is happening and people are treating this like the epidemic it has become.

Marvin follows my blog and wanted to know if I could do anything to help Jeannie as they both reside in Florida.  I moved into high gear and reached out to my recovery network, Lighthouse Recovery, Addicaid, Lakeview Health and Ocean Breeze Recovery.  Within minutes these resources had reached back out to me and wanted to help.  They offered other resources for her to call, as well as their internal network.  During this time Jeannie and I spoke and emailed a bit and I heard a woman who was spent and desperate for getting help. I could hear the pain in her voice and the angst in her silence.  She lived a few hours away from me, so I couldn’t visit with her and hold her hand and tell her it was all going to be okay.  So I did the best I could with what I had.  I checked in with her, I reached out and told her I was just a phone call away.  Thankfully, within a few days Lighthouse Recovery was able to get Jeannie a bed in Delray and she was off to start her new journey in recovery.  I have hope for Jeannie and I added her to my prayer list.  I want her to get clean and have a real life again and to be able to be a Mom to her kids and a participant in life again.  I want all of that for her and all I can do is know she’s in god’s hands.

Ironically, I saw this morning that Chaka Khan entered treatment for her drug addiction and it just reminded me of Prince and all the others we’ve lost in the past due to their drug addiction.  This is a disease that doesn’t discriminate and it has thousands upon thousands of others, that are not famous, that have lost their battle.  I personally know of a few people in the past year that have lost their souls and that have battled as best they could. Jeannie has hope today and I have faith that her soul will find what it needs and soak it all in.  She gives me hope for all the others out there that don’t have any.

I’m so grateful and blessed that I was able to help her and it’s all because I’m part of this amazing recovery community where I have friends and connections that will do what they can, because this is what this sober posse is all about.  It’s about love and helping others.  It’s that simple.  And when I read an article by one of my sober posse and see how they too are helping others and changing the way recovery is being viewed in our society, I get filled up with love.   I’m proud of being a part of something that is so transformative and monumental.  This posse of sober bloggers lifts me up and makes me want to be a better person – true inspiration.  So thanks to Brittany at Lighthouse Recovery for getting Jeannie into treatment and a huge and abundant thanks to this recovery posse, Last Call Resources because you all make sobriety so much more than it actually is –so thanks guys for helping me help Jeannie.

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