20 Best Recovery Blogs – and Last Call has been named one of them!

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November 1, 2015
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November 20, 2015

20 Best Recovery Blogs – and Last Call has been named one of them!

AfterParty Rehab magazine is the cutting edge and dynamic on line magazine for those of us in recovery – and probably for a lot of others that aren’t in recovery, yet. Its really just the hip and cool online reading vehicle that hosts a lot of topics; news, rehab center reviews, personal opinion and narratives and a really freaking awesome podcast that Editor in Chief Anna David hosts each week.  I love the crap outta this mag and I’m sure you will to when you check it out….Here is a snippet of  the post for 20 Best Recovery Blogs, including mine. 

Read on friends…

After the book Alcoholics Anonymous hit the shelves, more people became aware of 12-step and started to accept it as a viable alternative for dealing with addiction that didn’t involve a medical team and a straight jacket. Since then, various other methods of quitting drinking and drugging have come to fruition, one of them being Internet recovery. There is no formal or organized structure behind it; Internet recovery simply consists of reaching out for support via the web. This could be in a forum, an online rehab program or through a blog. Here is our list of the 20 best recovery blogs out there (in no particular order): (go to article to see the other 19!)

10)  Since 2010, Nancy Carr has been blogging about her day-to-day life in sobriety, which has included turning points like getting married and losing her mother. I enjoy Nancy’s accessible writing style; like a friend telling you about her day. Going to meetings is how alcoholics and addicts get a tangible understanding that they are not alone but we don’t often get to see how our peers struggle and prevail on a daily basis. Last Call is a look into the human existence of a recovering alcoholic and provides a feeling of being “normal” in sobriety. She also recently released Last CallA Memoir, which is available on Amazon. Follow Nancy as she does her best to “Carpe the hell out of diem.” (Learn more about all that in Nancy’s Reader Spotlight.)


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