Exposure, at so many levels.

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April 12, 2015
May 1, 2015

Exposure, at so many levels.

For the past few weeks my life has been in what I call perfect disarray as we moved for the second time in 9 months.  Hence, there’s been a lot of unpacking, cleaning, organizing, redecorating, making lists, shopping, joining the local LA Fitness, walking around the neighborhood with Lucy — basically really trying to learn the lay of the land in my new Floridian town of Naples.  All of course in addition to maintaining my day job and trying to make new friends with neighbors and others in recovery.  

But through all of this, I’m also trying to spread the message about my Memoir and hopefully trying to help others who may have a problem with alcoholism or addiction.  I can’t sleep (which I think is part of my aging process in my late 40’s) and I awoke at 3.30 am with my head running a zillion miles a minute, now close to 5.30 I haven’t accomplished much except realizing how much I have been putting myself, and my story, out there to help others.  I’m crunching numbers on how many books have been sold and how many resources I’ve tapped into.  And just since February, my story, and links to my Memoir, have been showcased on a few recovery blogs – so for that, Hot Damn, I’m stoked to be part of this amazing online recovery community and just for today, I’ll keep on trudging.

Below is a list of the links that are helping me spread the message.  All of these sites are amazing and continue to help others in their plight to get and stay sober.  Check them out!

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