Missing Momma….

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April 12, 2012
Not forgotten….
February 4, 2014

Missing Momma….

Its serendipitous that the last time I came on here to blog was April 11, unbeknown st to me my Mom passed away the following evening on April 12.  Its been a  l o n g few months and bittersweet seems like an apropos word to sum it all up.  Mom’s heart sadly gave out that fateful evening, and as much as we all knew she was going downhill fast, I think the shock of it has still left its mark on us all.  She would have been 70 on August 3, and just last weekend we scattered her ashes in the Atlantic Ocean at her favorite vacation spot, Avalon.  Mom would have been so proud of us all as we have been able to honor her memory with grace, dignity and most importantly a little bit of humor.  She’s up there smiling down on us all playing scrabble, chewing gum and telling us “Good job, Good job.” 

As far as life in other areas, its just going along s l o w l y – but yes its going along.  I feel like its been a very long summer, and we aren’t even done with it yet.  Probably because I’m patiently awaiting our big vacay to Costa Rica in September and have been counting down the days until I need to say “Muoy Bueno”! This will be our first real vacation as a married couple, not counting our 3 day mini-moon to the Grand Canyon, this is a REAL excursion with tours, hotels and a new unexplored country just waiting our arrival.  Of course I’m worrying like a Jewish grandmother about the rain, the roads, the bugs, the tours, the wildlife and everything else in between! We decided to rent a car vs having transfers and my husband couldn’t be more excited.  A 4WD vehicle in a land where roads are dirt and signage is sparse! Oh lucky me! Lets just hope common sense decides to show up that day!

I’m writing this on a day where I’m feeling truly grateful for where my life is today as I’m very content with everything that is going on, not super happy – but not super irritated.  which for me is a miracle! I’ve started re-reading “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and its been a huge help, as well as attending my normal 12 step meetings that I go to — life is exactly how it should be …. for today.  Stay tuned for the Costa Rica Blog…I’m sure I’ll have  a few fun stories to tell…or not!

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