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…and now let me introduce Mrs….
October 30, 2011
Old friends….
April 6, 2012

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Yes, its official I realized that me having writers block for the past 20 months or so is not serving me well. I was very well entrenched into blogging each and every morsel of my life for quite some time, and loved sharing about what was happening …then…. Then life happened and blogging became such a time suck for me. However, I’m in transition mode right now and blogging seems to be very much needed. Besides the fact that I’m sitting at my desk in the City working, and now clearly blogging, I think I’ve lost all sense of “Whats important right now”. Work has been more of a filler for me the past couple months with aggravating clients, a demanding boss and very social co-workers – I’m barely able to really get my real work done. It leaves no time for blogging and facebooking! Let alone Words with Friends!

In other areas, life is full. Friends, family, Mom, 12 step stuff, Lucy, Liam and the BRAVO network all has me quite busy. The picture is from two summers ago with Mom in Avalon and my sister, nieces, cousins and Aunt were all in tow. Good times…it reminds me of the more precious memories! Mom is quite sick, and getting sicker, but having such great family and friends makes it all the more bearable.

More later as I realize I DO have to get back to work and earn a true wage!

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