Where ya been????

Train kept a rolling….
June 6, 2010
New Year, New Blog!
January 12, 2011

Where ya been????

Finally….some uninterrupted time on a train and I’m able to BLOG! It’s been a few 24 hours since my last blog and life has clearly been on the Daytona 500 of career, meetings, service, connecting with old friends, while meeting new, spending time with my family, i.e., moving Mom into an Assisted Living home last month, hence having me move as well…. In with my boyfriend Liam 🙂 and to make things even more harried, we added a new doggie to the mix! I think Hurricane Hugo could be another analogy to describe my life of late. And am I complaining? Not at all! I’m loving my life and couldn’t be any more satisfied and content…dare I say the word…Happy? Oh no, I can barely type it, let alone say it out loud for fear that it will all be taken away from me like dignity from Lindsey Lohan. We all know how that works, don’t we? As soon as it’s good, some f&*$ comes along and snatches it away from you and then we find ourselves bemoaning life for ever trying to actually enjoy it in the first place! Be careful what you wish for, is the only anecdote that comes to mind right now….

So the career is humming along at a steady pace, successfully I might add too, as Korn/Ferry International is finally going to make me a real employee and add me to the company roster! Yay! I’ve been contracting with them since March, and currently am in the process of moving forward with signing me on as a Senior Associate; a process in itself. I have to get approved by two Senior Client Partners, one in NYC (hence me swaying on the train right now, banging on my keyboard and choo-chooing into Penn Station), performing a thorough background check (don’t even get me started on the angst with that!) and I have to meet with an informal selection committee. Informal? All this to have first class bene’s, a paid Blackberry, a measly Holiday party – where the wrong people drink too much – and everyone complains about having to attend, and the joy of earning a bi-weekly paycheck with a semi-annual bonus payout! And to think a mere nine months ago I was managing a sober living home in San Diego; reading the daily prayer in the morning and dispensing urine test dipsticks in the afternoon, who’d thunk? I couldn’t have crafted a better life for me right now. And yes, of course, its not always rainbows and unicorns; take our new dog for example. Wilson (named after the higher powered volleyball in the Tom Hanks’ classic Cast Away) hasn’t been the easiest to potty train. Granted they said he was a year old when we got him, and was house trained, but of course they are going to tell you that, they want you to adopt him!

I walk around my house barefoot most of the time and stepping in urine and poop is becoming as normal and routine to me as Paris Hilton getting arrested. Hence, this morning I stepped in a wet spot and cleaned up two poopie presents, while trying to make a 6:15 am train. But if this is one of my life’s biggest complaints – then shit, (literally!) I have Cadillac problems today.

I get to wake up every morning next to an amazing man who makes me feel loved and secure. He makes my coffee for me each morning, let’s me pick the movies from Blockbuster and does our laundry, where he even folds my panties! This morning, he is taking my annoying, let’s be honest – she can be, Mother to Wegman’s for her weekly ration of dark chocolate, cashews and gum. In the words of my sister, “Oh, you have to blow him; he’s a keeper!” Not to keep bragging about him, but its like living with Bob Vila/Martha Stewart morphed into one. Since we moved in together, he has done everything that needs to be done when you move…and especially moreso since when you move into an old home that needs a lot of work and repair. Then, add the melding of two people’s furniture, personal effects, and pasts into one home; its alotta work, So – yeah, he’s a keeper. And please, don’t ask me if I blew him.

Ahhhhh………Sunday afternoon and I’m finally relaxing after a much harried weekend. The routine errands to the drycleaner, food store, car wash, then throw in the meetings, long dog walks, dinner and movie with a friend and then Liam and I doing our bi-monthly Costco run; which you know ends up taking twice as long because the $25 item you went in for, turns into a $250 shopping trip saddled with two shopping carts and full bellies upon exit. Ending of course, this afternoon with taking my Mom to my Ryan’s baseball game; which is just a sitcom in itself. Between me, my sister, her ex-husband, my Mother, the twins, and a fully loaded snackbar…enough said.

Now…..alone, on my computer, updating Facebook, listening to the doggies chew on their Nylabones, and eating a lean cuisine while eagerly awaiting for 60 Minutes to start….Yes, I think I’ve arrived!

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