Another Birthday, another day…..

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March 6, 2010
What a difference 60 days make
March 26, 2010

Another Birthday, another day…..

Thank god another Birthday is OVER. The older I get the more I realize how I don’t like celebrating my Birthday. Last Wednesday March 10, was my natal birthday and again, just another day. It’s amazing to me that so many of my peers relish their Birthdays and enjoy going out to celebrate them with zeal. After reaching the age of 40, as a women, I really feel no need to celebrate the fact that I’m getting older. I have mother nature and gravity to remind me of that on a daily basis. This isn’t to say of course that I don’t have nice Birthday celebrations, because normally they are a lot of fun and I’m able to have a nice time with whomever I’m celebrating with.

Over the past few years I was lucky enough to have a great group of friends back in San Diego that would get together and we’d do a brunch or dinner and just laugh and celebrate life! Most of my friends in California are younger than me, so my age factor never really came up. But now that I’m living back home on the East Coast, I was able to celebrate my Natal day with my family – which is fine, but the process of the celebration I felt just made me feel “older”. But hey, such is life. I was also even lucky to be able to go out on a date on my actual Birthday and it wasn’t a flop, so that too is a bonus. So far.

All I know is that as soon as St. Patty’s day comes around, I’m just glad to be able to say, Thank God that Birthday is over….and just stay in my safe place of being in my “early 40s”.

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