Wawa joy

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February 2, 2010
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February 4, 2010

Wawa joy

I have to say that one of my greatest joys in moving back to Valley Forge has been the Wawa experience. I forgot how much I just loved going to Wawa on a daily basis. I know there are scores of other folks in the Tri-state region that also feel the same way about the amazing convenience and gas mini-market, which has morphed into a mega plex of sundries.

When I was in High School, approximately 25 yrs ago, Wawa was not what it is today. It was a bare bones mini-market, with barely a snack counter and milk cooler. My what a difference a great marketing department and consumer demand can have on a flailing convenience chaing.

Today the Wawa empire has given way to one of the best consumer excursions there is. Upon entering the Wawa, you are flanked by a half dozen coffee, tea, latte, slurpee, fountain soda and energy beverage choices. Their coffee station alone should be bronzed; offering a wide and varied selection of coffee’s, creamers, sweeteners, syrups and 5 different cup sizes! I cannot imagine going anywhere else for a cup of joe in the morning. Starbucks is so last week.

In the back of the store is the Deli. This isn’t your normal Deli that you would find at your grocery store whre you pick a number and figure out how much macaroni salad and turkey breast you need. This wonder Deli has several touch screen displays where you place your food order according to your liking and specification. Whether it be a breakfast sandwich, a shorti hoagie, a cup of their homemade chili, a dinner entree – Wawa Deli is the bomb. That simple.

Each region of the country has its Wawa. I just spent ten years in Southern California, and out there In & Out Burger was what one would consider a Wawa experience. Along with Pinks Hotdogs in LA, Fish Taco’s at the Brig in Del Mar and Hodad’s burgers in Ocean Beach, Wawa is a definite stand alone.

So as I drift off to sleep, during yet another snow fall, I can only dream about my excitement in the morning as I head out the door, run down the street and grab my perfect cup of ioe, a butterscotch krimpet (Tastykake treat) and maybe even a Philly soft pretzel; heck why else does one go to a gym? Life doesn’t get any better (well, it does, but for right now I’ll say its okay).

Thank you Delaware Valley for reminding me what a great joy it is to be back in the land of Wawa!!!!!

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