Day One of my news and nonsense

Wawa joy
February 3, 2010

Day One of my news and nonsense

Feb 1, 2010

For those of you who know me you would probably wonder why its taken me sooo long to get a blog? My easy answer to that…time.

I was told years ago, after I wrote my first book (which is still unpublished and looking for representation or a publishing house to pick it up…hint, hint) that I needed to start a blog. I looked into it, started one, and then forgot I started one because I had a rather full life going on at the time…hence, NO time. My life was much richer and fuller back then. Now my life has lent itself for me having much more time on my hands. Or for now at least it has…check in next week and we’ll see if that still rings true.

After my ten year hiatus in San Diego, I’ve since returned back East, to my original stomping grounds. Only to find that I’m not doing much stomping anymore. Within days upon my return, I was able to secure a job and join the local Bikram studio, where I signed up for a 30 day challenge. The challenge is that I am to attend a Bikram practice once a day for 30 days. Going to one Bikram class per day is tough enough. 90 minutes of pretzel twist poses, back bend arches and lying in shivasina (sp?) all within a well heated mercury rising studio of 106 degrees is enough challenge for any human to accomplish; let alone for 3o consecutive days. I think I’m certifiably crazy, or just bored. Bored is hopefully the right answer until the new job starts next week.

After my first day at Corporate Center Parkway working in my field as a life sciences recruiter, I’m sure the challenge will be whether or not I’m planing on joining my fellow Yogini’s at the Sweat Bath studio or deciding if I should run home to walk my dog and make dinner for my ailing mother and myself. Let’s just hope that, for me, the dog and my mother’s sake, I keep my word and continue on my 30 day quest of internal cleansing and detoxification. Cooking and caring for others has not been a priority for me in my former life. In San Diego, it was normally just me for a long time, and then Lucy, my canine, came along and even once in a while I would entertain a male suitor. But, when all was said and done it at the end it was just me and Lucy. And I was perfectly fine with that…for a while, until real life intervened.

I moved back East to help care for my ailing Mother, who was diagnosed with FTD Dementia over a year ago. Much to our dismay, the disease has progressed quicker than me, and my siblings, would have liked. Needless to say moving in with my Mother is not where I would have seen myself a year, or even 5 months ago. I was living in paradise in San Diego. Sun drenched days, scattered with mild to warm temperatures year round, beautiful ocean views everywhere you looked and a community of friends that one could only be so lucky to have; yeah life was easy breezy covergirl living for me.

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